Services & Fees 2019:

Clinical Somatics 1:2:1 session (80-100min) £50

Bach Flower Remedy Consultation (60-75mins) £35

Small Group Movement Class (75mins; 3 or 4 ppl) £10—£15pp

(Essential Somatic Group Movement classes in larger venues will vary in price, between £8 & £12 per person, per week, where numbers allow.)

Essential Somatic Movement Workshops (3—4 hours) £25/£30/£40 depending on length of workshop, & venue

Somatics Packages:

4 x Clinical Somatics sessions (paid ahead) £180

5 x Clinical Somatics sessions (paid ahead) £210

6 x Clinical Somatics sessions (paid ahead) £240

3 x Clinical session + 1 x Movement session (ahead) £170

3 x weekly 1:2:1 movement lessons (paid ahead) £120

5 x weekly 1:2:1 movement lessons (paid ahead) £180

Bach remedy follow-up:

Follow-up Bach consultation (60-75 mins) £35

Follow-up Bach consultation (30-45 mins) £25

Bach remedy bottle made up to order (P&P extra) £10

I can give talks & presentations on Bach Flower Remedies, and talks as well as workshops in Essential Somatic Movement & Clinical Somatics, to interested groups: contact me with any enquiries.

Please contact me with any questions, or if you’d like to ask about group classes in your local area (Newtown, St Boswells, Bowden, Galashiels, Walkerburn, Innerleithen, Peebles, Melrose, Gattonside, Lauder, Jedburgh, Selkirk, Kelso… I’m open to suggestions!).

If you’d like to book an Essential Somatic Movement ‘taster session’ for 2 to 4 people, let me know as I can usually do this for £10pp (for 75mins) at Waverley Offices at a time to suit.

Please note that my fees are comparatively low for Somatics work at present (approximately two-thirds of full rates), as despite being fully trained to carry out clinical work, I’m currently a CSE (Clinical Somatic Educator) in training.

Please note that 4 to 8 clinical sessions are usually most beneficial, and that - especially if combined with home practice of a few movements daily - the aim of Clinical Somatics is to give you the tools to then take control of your own movement practice, so you would not expect to come back for more clinical sessions (although some people choose to, and movement classes can be extremely beneficial).

NB: If you have a low income & the only barrier to your booking Somatics sessions is financial, please get in touch with me to see if I’m able to work with you for a lower fee for a few sessions.


My fees for Bach consultations are as low as I can make them, in the spirit of Dr Bach’s desire to make the remedies widely accessible. (Please also note that rather than expect people to come for multiple sessions, I encourage clients who find the Remedies helpful to learn more about them so they can treat themselves. This doesn’t mean I won’t see you for multiple consultations if that’s what you prefer - but does mean that after 3 or 4 consultations with me, I’d ask you to think about whether you might like to learn more about the remedies for yourself.)

I can be your tutor for the Bach Centre’s Level 1 Distance Learning, which is an excellent way to learn - but can also recommend books and free online resources to you.

For information about my training and qualifications, please click here.