Are you looking for ways to combat back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, muscle pain, joint pain, muscle tension, whole body pain, tense muscles, painful shoulders, back ache, aches and pain associated with ageing, poor posture, and other symptoms like this, in the Scottish Borders, near Edinburgh? I am a Clinical Somatics Educator based in Melrose - St Boswells - Walkerburn in the Scottish Borders and I run movement classes and individual clinical sessions that can help. Investigate my site for more information on how Clinical Somatics and Essential Somatic Movement can help you move away from pain and become more efficient in your movement.

Clinical Somatics also helps athletes and sportsmen and sportswomen - from triathletes to horse-riders, from runners to cyclists to tennis players and more! - improve their efficiency of movement, improve their proprioception, improve their sensing and control of muscles, and avoid and deal with sports injury and sports injuries. Check out my site for more information - or get in touch!

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