ease of movement & freedom from pain




Sore back? Stiff neck? Hip pain? Tension headaches? Trouble from an old injury? Problems standing tall, or sitting & walking comfortably?

Tired of being told your muscle aches, pain, & fatigue are ‘unexplained’ or can’t be helped?

Sick of being told ‘it’s your age’?

Or are you an athlete, sportsperson, or amateur runner, cyclist or walker looking to improve your performance via greater self-awareness, improved proprioception, & better control of your muscles?

Enabling YOU to address the causes of your bodily discomfort through movement patterns & internal awareness of your self as a ‘soma’, Clinical Somatic Education (CSE) helps you learn to ERADICATE YOUR PAIN & IMPROVE YOUR EASE OF MOVEMENT.

Do you feel like you’ve ‘tried everything’, but nothing provides long-term relief?

Take control, & learn how to improve what matters to you - whether that’s sitting, standing, & walking comfortably, or improving your running, cycling, or sports performance.


While you learn Essential Somatic Movement in group classes & individual CSE sessions, the real beauty is that CLINICAL SOMATIC EDUCATION EMPOWERS YOU TO TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR OWN MUSCLE PAIN RELIEF & EASE OF MOVEMENT, as you learn movement patterns & principles to explore AT HOME, not just in class.

Aches, chronic pain & other symptoms put down to ‘ageing’ are very often those most effectively alleviated by clinical somatic movements & education.

Many athletes & others who enjoy or live for sporting activities, too, find that their performance improves as clinical somatics work enhances their ability to sense & control their own muscles, so move more efficiently & economically.

Me at Clinical Somatic Educator training with Colm McDonnell, one of our excellent instructors.

Me at Clinical Somatic Educator training with Colm McDonnell, one of our excellent instructors.

Click HERE for more information about the somatics I teach, how it works, & some of the conditions it effectively alleviates or can even eradicate completely.

For more information about me, please check out my Contact page on this site, my page on the Essential Somatics website.

See this video, below, in which my teacher & mentor, Martha Peterson, explains one of the key differences between Clinical Somatics and other ways to combat pain, stiffness & tension - and why it addresses the causes of pain, not just the ‘symptoms’.

the bodily decrepitude presumed under the myth of aging is not inevitable. It is, by and large, both avoidable and reversible. I know this to be true, because I have seen it occur thousands of times…
— THOMAS HANNA, Somatics: Reawakening the Mind's Control of Flexibility & Health