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TWIST AGAIN! Workshop to Free Up Your Body's Back, Front & Sides!

This workshop will introduce what Essential Somatic Movements are & help you identify & start to release areas of muscle tightness & tension that are holding you back from moving more freely...

You'll learn about the stress reflexes that can leave us 'stuck' in uncomfortable habituated patterns, & will do slow, gentle but powerful movement work to start to ease out of those patterns & into increased awareness of how YOU can take back control of your muscles & how you move through life :)

We'll work to release tension in the front of back of your body - with a focus on how this helps you breathe more efficiently - & also start to learn how to free up your sides so you can twist more freely & walk more smoothly, efficiently, & comfortably.

£30 per person. Held at my room in Melrose (Waverley Offices).

Spaces are limited so please contact me to book ahead.

Any questions at all, get in touch!