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Essential Somatic Movement Workshop (Sheffield)

NOW FULL: BOOKING CLOSED This 4-hour workshop is in Walkley, Sheffield - hosted by Sheffield Satyananda Yoga School:

Essential Somatic Movement teaches you to feel more at ease in your body – using slow, gentle movements to increase self-awareness, release tension, and ultimately move through life with greater ease, free from pain.

If you experience areas of tension in your body that are hard to let go; if you have muscle or joint pain that you’re told can’t be helped (especially if you’re told ‘it’s your age’); if you want to improve your enjoyment or performance of an activity such as yoga, running, cycling, or just walking the dog, then this workshop is for you!

The workshop will outline what Essential Somatic Movement is, allow space for questions, and spend time on slow, conscious movements to explore common areas of muscle tension and pain.

In two movement classes, you will experience directly the possibilities this practice opens up for you to eradicate tightness, tension, and discomfort in your body, and to move more easily, with more awareness, and without pain.

Information & booking here: