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FREE event: 'What is Clinical Somatics & What Can It Do For Me?'


🌸 This is a free talk + Q&A event, where I’ll provide an outline of what Clinical Somatics is, how it works - and, crucially, what sorts of aches, pains and conditions it helps and eradicates [see below] & how else it might help you. ..
😃 It's OPEN TO anyone & EVERYONE - whatever your age, gender, level of fitness and experience of pain and bodily discomfort.
🏡 I'm holding it at the Village Hall in St Boswells to see if there's interest in running a block of Essential Somatic Movement classes there, too.
😄 There will be plenty time for Q&As, & even some gentle seated (or standing) movement practice.
🕕 The event will last approx 45 minutes ( I’ll give an approx 20-minute talk).
❤️ Clinical Somatics works through GROUP CLASSES, 1:2:1 CLINICAL SESSIONS & movement classes, and developing your own HOME PRACTICE to RELEASE MUSCLE TENSION, improve your efficiency of movement, & thereby ERADICATE PAIN and improve your performance IN THE ACTIVITIES THAT MATTER TO YOU - from walking the dog to playing tennis, from playing with your grandchildren more easily, to completing a triathlon!
💻 Email with any questions

SOME of the conditions Clinical Somatics is effective in eradicating or easing are: Tension headaches; TMJ pain; Neck pain; Shoulder pain; Anxiety; Shallow breathing; Thoracic outlet syndrome; Whiplash; RSI; Back pain; Chronic muscle tension; Carpal tunnel; Dupuytrens contracture; Scoliosis; Hip pain; SI joint pain; Piriformis syndrome; Sciatica; Knee pain; Foot pain including plantar fasciitis; Stroke recovery; Leg length discrepancy; Recovery from injury... …