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SHEFFIELD "Twist Again!" Workshop

Twist Again! Essential Somatics for Greater Ease of Movement

Identifying and helping you release areas of muscle tightness & tension that are holding you back from moving more freely and comfortably, and may be causing you pain, this workshop will teach you slow, gentle but powerful Essential Somatic Movements & increase awareness of how YOU can take back control of your muscles & how you move through life.

You’ll experience two movement classes, and have time for questions and discussion. The first class will help release tension from the front and back of your body – noting how this affects your breathing. The second will start to free up your sides so you can twist more freely & walk more smoothly, efficiently, & comfortably.

If you suffer from aches, pain, or tension in your neck, hands, shoulders and elsewhere (and have been told ‘it can’t be helped’, or ‘it’s your age’); if you want to improve your enjoyment or performance of everyday activities such as walking, cycling, yoga, or just working at your desk, then these workshops are for you!

These 2 Sheffield workshops are designed to complement each other but they are also stand-alone workshops.

£40.00 each / £70.00 for both Sheffield October workshops

Sheffield Yoga School, South Road, S6 3TA

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